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Friday, November 17, 2017

Cleaning Tips For Christmas

Before things get really busy, I'm revisiting my top home Christmas cleaning tips, making good use of my favourite budget cleaning tool. Like baubles, crackers and Christmas trees, these ones never go out of date:

First Impressions

Christmas wreaths demand nearly as much thought on style and decoration as the tree itself these days. Before you put you wreath up, spend just a few minutes wiping down the outside of your front door with an E-cloth to take away all the wear and tear of the autumn storms.  Finish off by polishing up any glass and brass to a supershine with an E-cloth glass cloth. No extras needed, just a quick wipe and the stage is set.

Clean while you chat

Whenever you're on a long call, be it chatting to a friend or relative or holding on for a human at a utility company, grab an E-cloth with your spare hand, dampen under the tap or spray with a water spritzer and catch up on your cleaning. This is a good time to concentrate on all those easily-missed skirting boards, window ledges and frame sills. A swift wipe across all the hidden dust spots on a regular basis will quickly turn your home into a chemical-free, allergy-free, zone of freshness. 

Dry Clean Your Winter Fabrics The Chemical-Free, Free Way

E-cloths are just the thing for freshening up your heavy winter curtains, upholstery, Christmas table-cloths and runners. Save a fortune on dry-cleaning bills by wiping down with a damp E-cloth. Can also be used on dry-clean-only coats and jackets that are in need of a post-storage refresh rather than a deep-clean. Brilliant on velvets but don't use on embroidered surfaces or delicate weaves as you could damage them permanently. If in any doubt, test on an inside seam first.

Prepare your Glassware

Run a pre-Christmas glasses-only dishwashing cycle for those little-used champagne and brandy glasses and all your regular glass tablewear. Stack them so that no glass touches another which causes 'clouding'.   For extra sparkle, place half a mug of vinegar in the bottom tray and finish off by polishing up with an E-cloth Glass cloth. If you're uncertain about "dishwasher safe" valuable glass, use a special dishwasher glass separating rack. Wash antique glasses by hand. You can also wash your E-cloths in the dishwasher, place them on the top shelf for a thorough clean. 

Christmas Spills

Christmas tree needle drops have a horrible habit of digging in to the carpet, making heavy work of both vacuuming and the dustpan and brush.  There's no need to be constantly hauling out the vacuum cleaner, keep a Christmas spills E-cloth to hand for tree needles, glitter, tinsel and party spills. The hook-like fibres will pick up everything so much faster than any other type of cloth or brush. Party spills, including red wine, will come right out if you act quickly enough using just a cloth and water. A combination of E-cloth and soda water is unbeatable - the carbonated bubbles sink into the stain and lift the dirt right up with them as they rise, ready for your E-cloth to finish the job.